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Coach Dominique also known as "HER Empowerment Coach" is a certified adolescent and relationship life coach.  She is the author of "Between Us A Mother & Daughter Workbook to Strengthen Communication", founder and executive director of "Pretty Me Inc." a 501c3 nonprofit mentoring organization for girls ages 12-18. Her specialty is coaching moms and daughters, on how to have healthy relationships. She also serves as a board member for She Rocks It, an organization ran by women who support other women in the community. Coach Dominique is passionate about female empowerment and advocacy. Encouraging every woman and girl to stand tall, use their voice, and OWN IT!

Let's Get Personal...

Now that all of the formalities are out of the way, allow me to introduce myself. Hi, I'm coach Dominique, and although my resume may have drawn your attention or even impressed you, it's my journey to getting it right that will impact you. See I am just another girl on a journey, just like YOU. I didn't grow up with a mentor, a coach, an older sibling or a close bond with either of my parents. My mother was a teen mom trying to figure it out, my dad was into the street life, my grandmother battled addiction, and then there was me, an only child until the age of 10 who then had to be a role model. A lot of things I dealt with growing up spilled over into my adult life. Never would I have thought I would be or could be mentor or a coach. However God provided me with the vision and he leads the way, so obedient I must be. I started my nonprofit organization and I started coaching, and in the midst of it all battled depression and severe anxiety. Everything that I'd suppressed growing up had filtered it's way into my adult life and then into my business and tried to take away my confidence. I had to step back and allow myself to face the things that I couldn't previously. I had to allow who I thought I was and the person I'd known my entire life to die, so that the woman I knew I was meant to be could emerge and rise. All of that to say I am in charge of me and I am just another girl like YOU. I want you to WIN, so as your coach I will hold your hand through it, but will hold you accountable in it. I will provide you with the tools I picked up along the way and together we will get it right

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