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Between Us
Mother & Daughter Workbook to 
Strengthen Communication

Nothing is more precious than the bond between a mother and her daughter. As time goes on we often find that bond can become strained, sometimes fractured. Yet no matter how frayed the line becomes, nor how deep the misunderstanding can be, there are ways to bridge the gap and become stronger than ever.


"Between Us" is an easy to use guide designed to help mothers and daughters strengthen their bonds through enhancing communication, from both sides. Whether the bond is strong or frayed, this WORK-book is for everyone, and is the perfect tool to bring mothers and daughters closer together. It might not always be easy, but this book is bound to change your life and shape your future…together. 

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The Parenting Cocktail is a reference guide to help moms cope with the ups, downs, and in-betweens of parenthood.

Parenting is not one size fits all!  

Every child has different wants, needs, and desires, so your cocktail recipe will not look like others. Created from a mom's perspective, certified life coach and youth mentor Coach Dominique dive deep, stating, "Parenting is more about the parent than the child."

It is written with practical acumens, reflective moments, and insightful tips to help parents and children thrive in their relationships.


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